Unlike large clocks, there is no room in a small mechanical watch for an over designed mainspring and a very small mainspring will only deliver a very small amount of driving power. To enable a watch to run with so little power, the bearing pivots are extremely fine and in a good quality watch, run in jeweled bearings, oiled with the finest quality synthetic watch oils.

Nevertheless, in such a fine and precisely built mechanism, a microscopic speck of dust, floating in a tiny oil reservoir can come into contact with a pivot and stop the watch. Consequently, it is necessary for a watch to be serviced more often than the average clock. Every two or three years is recommended.

At Omega Watch Repairs Melbourne every watch to be serviced and/or repaired is completely dismantled. All the parts are cleaned using complex cleaning and rinsing solutions together with ultrasonic cavitations, to remove every morsel of dirt and dust and the old oil.

Each part is then closely examined with the stereo microscope for damage and wear. Pivots are burnished using a special instrument called the Jacot Tool, an operation requiring a great deal of skill. After careful reassembly, each watch is tested, timed and regulated using sophisticated electronic timing equipment.

Quartz watches also require servicing in exactly the same way as mechanical watches. The difference in a quartz watch is that instead of a mainspring driving the watch, there is a battery and instead of a balance wheel and hairspring oscillating at eighteen thousand times an hour, there is a quartz resonator oscillating at many thousand times a second and a step motor operating through a micro chip to drive the hands. But, beyond the step motor, there is a train of wheels or gears exactly the same as any mechanical watch, but with even less power than a mainspring driving them.
The train needs the same service as a mechanical watch though perhaps not quite as often, but at least every five years should be considered. Of course, batteries need to be changed regularly, which is not as simple as it sounds.

When batteries are changed by improperly trained personnel, serious damage to the watch can be the result.

At A1 Classic Clocks Melbourne new batteries are inserted without being touched by hand which is important as perspiration from fingers can quickly ruin a watch. Also, contacts etc are properly cleaned at the same time. Do not trust non professionals to do this work

G. James Robinson FBHI, is a qualified repairer of all makes of watches but specialises in all Omega watches including Seamaster, Speedmaster, Flightmaster, Deville, Constellation, Chronograph, Plamet Ocean and all models featuring the Coaxial escapement