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 OMEGA WATCH REPAIRS MELBOURNE is the ONLY independent dedicated Omega Watch Repair and Service facility in Australia.  Our watchmaker, G. James Robinson, a Fellow of the British Horological Institute, perhaps the most senior watchmaker in Australia is highly skilled with well over fifty years experience and specialises exclusively  in all Omega watches including  speedmaster, chronographs, Planet Ocean,  Seamaster, Flightmaster, Deville,  Constellation and all the Co-Axial movements.*

Please note that we are not a jewellery store but a dedicated Omega watch repair facility.

  All work is carried out in our own state of the art,  fully Swiss equipped work room which is open for all to see.


Omega Watch Service – Repairs 

An Omega watch is a precision instrument made up of hundreds of tiny parts – make sure that you always have it serviced by a skilled watchmaker. Your Omega mechanical watch is driven by a very small mainspring which delivers only a small amount of power.  To enable a watch to run with so little power, the gear pivots are extremely fine and in an Omega watch, run in jeweled bearings, oiled with the finest quality synthetic watch oils.    Even these oils however, will in time lose their viscosity and break down.   Adding fresh oil to old oil is very dangerous as it will create a grinding compound which will cause serious damage in a short time.   There are other factors too; for example, the seals in the winding crown can become worn and allow dust particles into the watch which can also cause damage.   It is necessary therefore to have your OMEGA WATCH maintenance serviced periodically.   We recommend every five years. Every omega watch serviced and/or repaired at OMEGA WATCH REPAIRS MELBOURNE is completely dismantled.   All the parts are cleaned using complex cleaning and rinsing solutions together with ultrasonic ,  to remove every morsel of dirt, dust and  old oil. Each part is then closely examined with the stereo microscope for damage and wear. Pivots are burnished using a special instrument called the Jacot Tool, an operation requiring a great deal of skill. After careful reassembly, each watch is tested and timed to Omega specified tolerences using sophisticated electronic timing equipment. Before setting the movement back in its case, the case is dismantled, cleaned and polished.   Factory grained finsh can be renewed if required. Quartz watches also require servicing in exactly the same way as mechanical watches. The difference in a quartz watch is that instead of a mainspring driving the watch, there is a battery and instead of a balance wheel and hairspring oscillating at eighteen thousand times an hour, there is a quartz resonator oscillating at many thousand times a second and a step motor operating through a micro chip to drive the hands. But, beyond the step motor, there is a train of wheels or gears exactly the same as any mechanical watch.   The train needs the same service as a mechanical watch. WE GIVE FREE QUOTES on all OMEGA WATCH REPAIRS Visit our workroom during business hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00am-4.00pm by appointment.  OMEGA WATCH REPAIRS MELBOURNE 2 ILMA COURT, BULLEEN,VIC. 3105

Tel: 0408 177 839

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